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English Correction and Translation of Science Papers

English Corrections and Translation in Accordance with the Fifth Edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual.

The American Psychological Association Publication Manual recommends that having a manuscript read by another psychologist eliminates mistakes and increases the possibility of publication.

Worldwide, we provide psychologists who are not native speakers of English, the opportunity of having their manuscripts read, corrected, and commented, by native English speaking psychologists .

Official editor and translator for the 65th Congress of the Japanese Association Psychology, the Japanese Journal of Health Psychology, the Japanese Journal of Autogenic Training and the Japanese Rorschach Association
and the Journal of the Japanese Psychological Association.

The Chief Editor

The Chief Editor of TEXT Editing Service, Dr. Ratnin Dewaraja is a graduate of the University of East London. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Tsukuba and was a former lecturer at the Department of Psychology, Komazawa University, in Tokyo and at the Ochanomizu Women’s University in Tokyo.

Sending manuscripts for editing 

Please save your manuscripts in Microsoft Word or RTF formats and send them to us as attachment files by e-mail. Diagrams can be sent as MS Word files or pdf files.

Corrected manuscripts

To make it easy for you to see the corrections that we have made, in addition to the normal file, we will send you a second file with all the insertions that we have made underlined in green ink and all the deletions that we have made crossed out in red ink. Please click on sample below to see a sample of the second file.

Free telephone consultations

If additional clarification regarding a corrected manuscript is required, you are welcome to contact us by telephone after making an appointment by email. We offer this service free of charge.

Special Features of Our Service

◎We have a specialist editorial team with Ph. D. degrees, who will proofread, correct, and format your manuscript according to the APA format, as well as include their expert observations and comments on how to improve the content and presentation of your manuscript.
◎Currently, we have editors in the fields of cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, experimental psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, social psychology, sociology and anthropology.
◎Our service will support you until your manuscript is accepted for publication. When a manuscript edited by us is submitted and returned with instructions for revision by the journal editor, we will reedit and charge only for the revisions you have indicated by underlining the section.

Senior Consultant

Mari Riess Jones (PhD) has been a professor in Psychology Department of The Ohio State University for over 30 years.  Her research interests are in cognitive psychology, specifically attention to sound patterns and rhythm. In addition to editing several books, she has published numerous chapters as well as theoretical and empirical articles that have appeared in major journals such as Psychological Review, Journal of Experimental Psychology,  Attention Perception, Psychophysics (among others). She also served as Associate Editor of Perception & Psychophysics.

Consultant Editor

Richard Jones founded TextEdit USA in 2013 as an American based affiliate of Text Co. Ltd.  Richard holds an M.Ed. in Tesol from Temple University and an M.A. in East Asian Studies from UCLA. He has taught at universities in Asia and the United States and has extensive experience in both teaching and editing academic writing.